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A1 Realty is your Agent!

Our Agents are often recommended by buyers and sellers friends and family as Agents they have enjoyed working with in the past. This is a great first step. Selling a home is a collaborative process, so having a good, open working relationship with your Agent is a must. A1 Realty is an REIQ Accredited Agent, ensuring that your property is being handled by a professional, committed to adhering to best practice values and a high level of service. At A1 Realty, selling our beautiful region is our passion, and our commitment to customer service is paramount.


Appoint your Agent

Under Queensland law, you will be required to complete a Form 6, ‘Appointment and Reappointment of a Property Agent” when you list your property for sale. Within this agreement there are three types of agent appointments; open listing, sole agency, or exclusive agency. The REIQ recommends the exclusive agency model, because the appointed agent will be dedicated to selling the property and only one set of marketing costs is generated.



  • Open listing: You can appoint multiple agents to market and sell your property. The Agent who is the effective cause of the sale, is who is paid commission. 
  • Sole Agency: Only one agent is appointed, the seller may also sell the property themselves without commission payable to the Agent should the Agent not be the effective cause of sale (meaning they did not introduce the buyer to the property) for a maximum 90-day term.
  • Exclusive Agency: One agent is appointed to market and sell your property exclusively for a maximum 90-day term.


Method of Sale:

The most common methods of sale are:

1. Private Treaty

Private treaty is the most common way to sell a property in Queensland. A price is shown as a “List Price” and buyers and sellers negotiate from this to a purchase price.

2. Auction​​

The advantages of selling by auction can include:

  • The seller may sell their property before auction, on the day of auction, or (in the event the property is passed in) after auction; 
  • The reserve price and a settlement date are set to suit the seller;
  • As the reserve price is not disclosed to potential buyers, it gives the seller a chance to test the market;
  • The auction is conducted under the seller’s terms and conditions and is not subject to finance, building and pest clauses or a cooling-off period;
  • The auction process creates a sense of urgency – Buyers have a definite time frame in which they must act.
  • Buyers see other interested parties as their competition rather than the seller.


Marketing and Advertising

It’s no secret that the greater the exposure a property has to the market, the greater the number of buyers who are aware of the listing! When putting together a campaign plan, we will work with you to consider the most effective marketing methods for the style of property and its attributes. Options include:

  • Internet websites
  • Signboards
  • Open houses
  • Local and interstate newspapers
  • Email campaigns
  • Social media marketing

The seller must agree to the campaign prior to any marketing.​​



Your property is ready to market, we’ve completed your Form 6, discussed a price to list, chosen your tailored marketing package. So, what’s next?

Presentation, street appeal and first impressions are critical ingredients for a successful sale.

Professional Photography can be a benefit depending on the style of property. Should you not be in a position to afford professional photographs, our team will photograph your home, showcasing and focusing on key attributes for selling.

Before photos are taken here is a checklist we recommend:

  • Clean and remove any unnecessary items from kitchen bench-tops
  • De-clutter! Remove unnecessary items that just make your home feel smaller!
  • Mow Grass and trim gardens
  • Make beds and tidy rooms
  • Put washing away
  • Remove any personal photos and effects that you may not want shown online

It is illegal for agents to use edited images for advertising as it is deemed as false advertising, therefore we cannot colour the grass to be greener!

What works best;

  • Clean, bright and airy residences
  • Neutral colours
  • Well-landscaped gardens
  • Plenty of outdoor living space such as decks and covered patios
  • Soft music
  • Pleasant fragrance

What doesn’t work:

  • Dark, dingy residences
  • Unpleasant smells, especially cigarette smoke and animal odours
  • Long grass and unattended gardens
  • Filth and clutter
  • Loud noise (e.g. television or radio)


It’s recommended that you:

  1. Present the house in a clean and tidy manner
  2. Clean out cupboards to give an impression of space
  3. Remove any unnecessary items from kitchen benches and bathroom vanities
  4. Remove all unnecessary furniture to leave rooms uncluttered
  5. Fix all obvious faults
  6. Tidy up yards and water lawns
  7. Steam clean and deodorise carpets professionally
  8. Paint over marked walls to brighten up a room
  9. Replace brightly coloured curtains and wall colours with neutral tones
  10. Restrain dogs while buyers are viewing
  11. Remove pet waste and deodorise sleeping areas



During the selling campaign it is difficult to keep the house as perfect as it was on photo day, especially with children in the house. Most buyers understand you have a life to live, so please don’t stress that your house needs to look like a showroom 24/7. Our agents will give you as much notice as possible, however sometimes we are unable to give more than 10-30 mins notice, depending on the buyers. 

During inspections, you can choose to stay at the property or leave for the duration of the inspection but whichever you choose, it is best to let our agents look after the buyers. Should we get any questions we cannot answer, we will not hesitate to ask for your help.

After the inspection is complete, we will call you with any feedback and comments from the buyers and will keep you up to date with what is going on.



Your A1 Realty Agent will help you throughout the selling process to make everything as stress free as possible for you. Don’t be afraid to contact us with any questions you may have throughout this process.

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