Julie Thompson

Ngaire , 28 Mar 2018

We had our place on a few sites for a little while and due to the fact it wasn’t big enough to do farming on, or too big just to  live on it took a little while. It was a lifestyle. I went in one day to see Julie Thompson and I sat down and had a good talk on what it was and what others wanted and what people would be interested in it.

Julie listened and suggested a few things and renewed the photos after we did a lot of work to it and after a month or so she came around with some people who wanted it when they saw it and also helped us to find a new place that we liked to move into.

Julie listens to what buyers and sellers want, and actually does her utmost to match the seller and buyers to their needs. She does lots of work behind the scene, looking up their listed properties and wider to full fill the customer needs.

Not forgetting other staff like the ones answering the phone and answering your questions and making sure Julie got her messages.

Thank you, your name A1 is correct.